NATURAMA offer users various recycling and environmental options as part of our Organisation BIOSECURITY concept to fully meet COP 26 and Climate Change objectives

Refill, reuse and recycling is fundamental to our mission

Supplying major users with bulk 1000 litres IBC’s enables every in-use container to be refilled numerous times in its lifespan. Our labels are specially coated durable plastics to survive many refills yet retain legible text and instructions meeting CLP Labelling Regulations When NATURAMA products especially packaging reaches End-of-Life we will take back every item and recycle the components. We have plastics shredding machinery to reduce waste for recycling. We hold Top-Tier UK Environment Agency Waste Registration following a fully audited waste recovery process


By REFILL – REDUCE – RECYCLE we massively reduce road miles. Your and our Carbon Footprint is dramatically reduced as in-use products are refilled on-site from large 1000 litre IBC’s with all containers repeat refilled until they eventually are scrap. We then collect and replace with new at your next bulk refill, responsibly recycling everything we collect. This policy alone delivers up to a 75% overall reduction in Carbon Footprint