NATURAMA has an amazing safety profile

NATURAMA works by combining a very powerful, safe and effective Biocide with a mineralbased cleaning agent to release surface contaminations to enable the Biocide to attack germs
and viruses. Normal Biocides use very powerful and aggressive chemicals such as Quaternary Ammonias to
blast hygiene treats which calls for the use of eye protection, gloves and sometime if
concentrations are very high, face masks

Other aggressive chemicals have very undesirable environmental issues, as most are not
biodegradable. NATURAMA is VOC free with no harmful vapours. Asthmatics and those with lung and
respiratory issues can safely use NATURAMA. Being alcohol free there are no skin sensitivity
concerns or flammability issues. NATURAMA is VOC, CTC, PFAS & PFC freeSafe road, rail and sea transportation and especially safe storage.

Please refer to our Safety Data Sheets (SDS) on all our Naturama options


NATURAMA offers all users access to a range of training courses ranging from safe use and application
of product to ATP swab testing, auditing and monitoring to safe use of cleaning related devices and other