NATURAMA is an entirely new method of disinfection in the ways the chemistry works to break
down soiling, penetrating deep into any mass of collective debris, germs and viruses right down
to the solid or loose substrate.

NATURAMA uses molecular-level cleaning first to release soiling followed by NATURAMA’s
biocidal action eliminating hygiene threats being a high-performance biocidal disinfectant.

Swab testing is indicative of soiled and
contaminated material. ATP swab testing is the ideal fast non-laboratory
way to determine viral and germ loading to identify
areas of threat; then assess the efficacy of the
biocidal follow-up. ATP swab testing enables comparisons between
cleaning methods and cleaning products to
determine the best processes to adopt. Without ATP swab testing an organisation has no
subjective way to evidence effectiveness.

This is why the NATURAMA Biosecurity programme is so effective, as NATURAMA Biocide
consistently delivers ZERO RLU’s after cleaning and swab testing

Extensive field testing shows NATURAMA vastly superior to nearly every other biocide on the
market today due to multiple factors such as efficacy on highly soiled surfaces, speed of action,
biodegradable safety, and low environmental impact as well as no need for PPE in use.

NATURAMA can be hand applied, sprayer applied and flooded. NATURAMA is a Ready To Use
(RTU) product that must not be diluted to ensure it meets its many BS EN Biocide Certifications.
Full training is available.

NATURAMA is ideal for large organisations for mass protection of own staff, the public and its assets.
Please ask to discuss our total package proposals combining assay methods using ATP swab testing to
determine health threat and risk assessments, product recommendations and staff training to achieve
consistent long-term Biosecurity