NATURAMA Biocide 750 ml trigger spray

The unique combination of molecular-level cleaner and very effective
Biocide ensures surfaces are treated and remain clean for as long as
possible. Entirely safe to use without any need for PPE Naturama
Biocide is user-friendly and cost-effective. Major users free-issue these
750ml trigger sprays to their contract cleaners to ensure that dilution
does not corrupt biocidal efficacy coupled with ATP swabbing to
monitor cleanliness throughout your assets and properties. Our
recycling and refill concept saves money and resources as these
trigger sprays can be refilled multiple times as labels are specially
treated to remain legible meeting UK & EU CLP Regulations.

NATURAMA Biocide 5 litre

Following our REUSE – REFILL – RECYCLE proposals all Ready-ToUse (RTU) containers are topped-up from 5 litre containers as they are
light-weight, easy to store and portable. Our labels are specially treated
to remain legible after repeated refills fully meeting UK & EU CLP
labelling Regulations

NATURAMA Biocide 300ml Flairosol

Flairosol refillable trigger pump containers are a unique new invention
producing an ultra-fine mist with a tigger-action creating an aerosol
effect ideal for spraying large or complicated areas. Liquid use is
minimised making Fairosols very cost-effective coupled with our
amazing Biocidal properties of Naturama Biocide.

NATURAMA Biocide 500ml Foamer

A special air infusion chamber inside this refillable container produces
a foam ideal for swabbing down any surface. Foamers are economical
to use and highly effective.

NATURAMA Biocide 25 litre

This size of container is heavy and manly used as a transport
flask between 1000 litre IBC’s and Point-of-Use. These large
containers have taps attached therefore easy to decant into
smaller Ready-To-Use (RTU) containers. As an integral part of
our recycling and reuse concept huge savings can be made as
every container in use is retained until it finally fails, then replaced
by new, vastly reducing Carbon Miles and waste. Our labels are
specially coated for longevity in-service remaining totally legible
for numerous refills, as is an essential requirement under UK and
EU CLP labelling regulations.


The most cost-effective way to purchase bulk NATURAMA as
well as meeting all Climate Change, Carbon Miles, and your
recycling obligations. Refilling Ready-To-Use (RTU) containers
saves money and ensures

Often exported internationally in bulk by Container enabling
regional agents to refill in their own countries using local labour,
local filling and labelling in own language to meet their own

IBC Hose Kit

To decant NATURAMA from a 1 tonne 1000 litre IBC to individual
containers. Special narrow nozzle fits necks of all sized flasks.
Ideally fill 25 litre large containers then sub-fill others at point of use


Before decanting we suggest your IBC is well mixed to ensure
liquids have not stratified during storage. This simple 240v mixer
ensures your NATURAMA is blended to full specification before
refilling other containers

NATURAMA can be supplied in bulk nationally and internationally by road, rail and sea